Sunday, 23 October 2016

Collage box

Decided to do something a little different craft wise this week. Before I get onto that, first the decluttering.

Nars Orgasm Blush - there's something unseemly about the fashion for naming make up like this. It's supposed to be the universal blush, but it's too glittery for me. It's also a couple of years old, so can't go to the charity shop. Bin.

Nars lip palette. Bought this as there's one colour I love but I thought it would be a bargain getting this in comparison. I was wrong. The palette doesn't work half as good as a lipstick does. Bin.

Holey socks. What is it with me and socks?! Bin.

The above three photos are ink cartridges. All run out, so bin. 
A lot of bare minerals eyeshadows. I'm a little too old for colours such as these now, but they are still good so I'm taking them to a  charity shop.

Next, Disney stitch update. I'm pleased to say not only have I completed the backstitch for the whole thing, but I've also finally taught myself the French knot!

Obviously no french knots on there (been working on it since I took the picture) but I'm so pleased beacuse now I'll be able to finish it properly.

Finally, I've made a collage box this week.

I got these from The Works with loads of wooden flower shapes inside. That's the best thing about craft purchases - nine times out of ten you can find use for the packaging too. 

The first section has my version of a letterpress box. I don't have any myself, so I glued an X onto some card, layered that on a few more pieces of card painted it all black, then painted the X gold before attaching it to the box with foam pads. I also glued the wish token on the side. All backgrounds to the box sections are Docraft nature papers. 

The second section has a few ceramic stars glued in, while the third has a bottle. It was filled with orange and white beads with a remnant rub on attached to the bottle. I actually had to cut a little of the cork off because it was too big for the box.

The fourth section has a number five which was stickled and crackled. It also has five dice - the original plan was to have every other number on there apart from five but these dice don't have a six, so I just stacked them so the numbers one to five are facing out. The centre section has an ornate keyhole. 

The sixth section has a die cut bird, cracle glazed and alcohol inked. It also has a wire nest with pearl eggs, and some flowersoft. 

The seventh section is a die cut flower, coloured with Lindy's spray and with a load of black beads in the centre. The eighth section has a picture of a butterfly in a metal circle. This didn't work as well as I would have liked - in retrospect I think I used too much Glossy accents. 

Finally the last section has a domino piece and a set of wings. These boxes are a great way of using up the little things in a stash, and would make perfect gifts for people as you could tailor make it to their likes, or to shared memories.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

I'll never break your heart....

Yes this week's craft is another heart, but done in a completely different way. Before I get onto that, here is this week's decluttering items. Side note: I've literally just closed a webpage instead of buying something so it' starting to work!

A stone necklace. I bought this a while ago, liked it for a while, then didn't anymore. Charity shop.

A rose necklace. Bought at the Tower of London in 2012, purely because I still had the mindset that I should get myself a souvenir. It's a little clunky and bright for me, so it's going to the charity shop.

Hobbit necklace. My favourite quote (as well as even the smallest person...) but unfortunately the necklace broke, so it's had to go in the bin. Maybe I should make one of my own...

Alcohol ink. Used the last dregs of this in this week's project, so bin. 

Bare Minerals Warmth. Bought as a set in 2009! Makes me look like a cross between an oompa loompa (original version) and the guy who tells people they've been tangoed. I know some people like the fake tan look, but I suit the pale and wan face. Bin.

Roll on caffeine eye thingamajig. Thought this would miraculously make me feel, or at least look, less tired (why Emma, damnit you did science!) The bags under my eyes would still exceed the allowance allocated on any transatlantic flight, so it's bin bound
Mini lipsticks. I've got enough lipsticks to be using without doll sized ones, so they've had to go. Lovely shades though, more's the pity.

Now onto the crafts. As I've said, this week I've done another heart this week. I started off by glueing a smaller floral filled heart onto the bigger heart, then covering it with white gesso. When it was dry I painted it with magicals, then coated it with crackle texture paste in places. One thing I have noticed is that the crackle texture paste is that it tends to dry yellowish, which is a bit annoying. When it dried, I sprayed some paper with blue Lindy's stamp gang spray and die cut some flowers. I then die cut a butterfly and used two embossing powders to make an ombre effect, before glueing it onto the heart. Finally I used alcohol inks and alcohol blending solution to tone down the yellow crackle.

Next week I'm going to try something new. I should hopefully be practising french knots as well, as I'm on the last page of backstitch. Until then...

Sunday, 9 October 2016

From the heart...

I got some MDF hearts the other day from the local craft shop, so I decided to do something with one of them, which I'm entering into That's crafty sparkle challenge.

I started off by covering the heart with Docrafts nature paper, then mixed some transparent matte texture paste with mica powder and used it through a stencil on the right hand lobe. I die cut a brick pattern from more of the paper to use as a background, then die cut a swirl and cage, embossing them with Lindy's stamp gang enamels. I die cut some greenery and flowers, spraying them with a variety of Li ndy's stamp gang sprays (got the autumn leaves and victorian bouquet sets the other day) The shine and shimmer on these is unbelievable. Finally I added gems to the centre of the flowers, a philosophy tag, and some die cut butterflies.

So there you have it. Hope you like it. I enjoyed making it even if I had a purple finger for about a week as a result!


Declutter and stitch update

My keyboard isn't working well today, so this will be a short one. First of all, the decluttering. Not pictured is a bank card because, well just because!

Chocolate moulds. Bought these to do Disney style goody bags a while ago and they haven't been used since. Bin.

Lollipop moulds. Same as above, except I don't think I ever used them.

A cat bed. Absolutely pointless buying it, as they didn't use it as a bed, but as a scratching post. Unfortunately it was damaged too much so we had to throw it away.

No 7 shower cream. Bought as part of a christmas set. Shower gel seems to be the only thing I can get through on a regular basis - body creams last forever. This was ok, not worth the hype. Ran out, so bin.

A collection of buttons for clothes that I got rid of a long time ago. Bin.

A pack of earrings. Bought as I thought it would be good to have some earrings that co-ordinated with clothes but I'm not very good at co-ordinating outfits let alone accessories. Also they tended to make my ears itch, so bin.

Next onto the stitching. I've been working on the Beauty and the Beast stitch, finishing one page of the back stitch. One thing I wish I had done before I started it is photocopying it, as where I have used highlighters to mark off the cross stitches I am having trouble seeing the back stitch.

I have made something else but I'm entering it into a challenge so it will be in the next post.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Small update

Small post today, just decluttering and where I finished off with my Middle Earth stitch, as I'm now back on the Disney one.

A raincoat. Zip broke, then it went mouldy, which is strange as it's supposed to be able to deal with damp. Bin.

Stephen King book. This one's going to charity. I've only read it once, and it didn't grab me. 

Red dress. I bought this to wear for the Dr Who anniversary programme in the cinema, as it's similar to what Clara wears in an episode. Bored with it now, as it doesn't hug the waist like it should do. Charity.

Bird dress. I love this, but over the years I've found I love chocolate more so I've outgrown it. However, there'a a lovely girl I know who this dress would really suit, so it's gone to her.

Texture paste. It's only a mini tub, and it's run out. Bin.

Big tooth comb. These are supposed to help with knots, but it does nothing for my hair, which actually broke one of the teeth. Bin.

Holey socks (there's a lot of these!) Bin.

Finally, here is where I'm up to in the Middle Earth stitch. It's gone back to the cupboard now, and the Disney stitch is back out. First of all I have to do backstitch, then French knot.

Someone pointed out that the margin is extremely small, which I didn't think about before. I won't be able to frame it in the traditional way, so I am going to have a think. I'll probably make a tapestry styl frame with some material.

Anyway, back to normal crafting next week. I've got a project in mind, which I'm going to start tomorrow.