Sunday, 4 December 2016

Tonight we're gonna wish upon a star we've never wished upon before...

Saw this the other day, and thought I'd try my own version. I didn't have a polystyrene heart, so I found out a star instead.

I used some burlap panels, old book pages, tape and mixed media cutouts for the background, before adding to it with wooden shapes, clock parts, a few bits of jewellry and some seed beads.

For colours I decided on teal and brown. After spraying each part a few times until I got the colour I wanted, I sprayed sporadic drops of the opposite colour, so you have brown drops on the teal section and teal spots on the brown. I also sprayed teal and brown on some paper butterflies and glued them on. I'm entering this into that's crafty grunge challenge. I missed the anything goes one but I think this one is pretty grungy, so it works.

Just a small note on the decluttering. This week has been the rest of my university textbooks. It's hard to let go of that part of my life, but in keeping them I'm just fooling myself. They are all going to charity.


Sunday, 27 November 2016

As life goes idly by....

I've been a bit lazy this week. It's the irony of life sometimes isn't it? When you have time off, time that you can devote to the things you really enjoy doing, inspiration dries up and you are left twiddling your thumbs. Then, as soon as you are back doing the things you have to do to get by, inspiration suddenly hits.

First the decluttering. I'm still finding things to get rid of, but it's getting more difficult. Here are this weeks.

Biotechnology book. It's been so long since I did my degree the technology in here is probably obsolete. I have no use for it so it's going to charity.

Metallic fabric paint. One of the few things craft wise that I am not interested in. I got it in a Crafty Creatives box. Charity.

Cake pop moulds. Bought in the pound shop to use with UTEE but they haven't panned out the way I hoped. Bin. 

How We Met. It was a good read, but one I won't read again. Charity.

The Miniaturist. I had high hopea for this book and found the ending a little disappointing. Don't let that put you off, I think it was purely as I had something in mind when reading the blurb, and the author didn't. Charity.

My old writer's notes. Just some exercises in the hopes of becoming a better writer. I've typed them up so the original has been thrown away. 

Another university book. At least this one won't have too many obsolete pages in them. Charity.

I've been working on a few things this week, in case you think I've literally been doing sod all. First is a new stitch. I was given this by a complete stranger on Facebook.

This is my progress so far. It's a sweet little piece called cats and flowerpots, so you can guess what it is going to be like when it's finished. I've decided to finish this one before continuing on with the middle earth map. The funny thing is I've finally figured out how to make the stitching on the back neater, as well as saving a little thread. Hopefully this will help me when I tackle the Dimensions Golds ones, as they tend to be more than a little stingy with their threads.

I've also been making some jewellry. I've had a mask connector charm in my stash for a long time, so finally dug it out to make a necklace.

I glued some gold gems where the holes are on the mask and crown, and used two headpins with some beads and snowflake charms for the lower two connector parts.

This is the other necklace I made (I've run out of chains!) It's a watch cameo. I glued a background to the watch, then added some rub ons (a plant) before adding the owl. I've glued a couple of silver gems on for the eyes; they really stand out I think. Finally I added some silver leaf charms and an O for owl.

So that's a week's work. Doesn't seem like much to me.

Off topic, did you get any bargains for Black Friday? I picked up a new laptop (the acer inspire I got last year is not great for writing. The keyboard tends to work sporadically, and the memory is shocking) I also went to Exeter Christmas market on Thursday and bought a few things at the Works. Even without the 20% discount it's always worth perusing for bargains. Finally I got a small bonus from work, so I bought a die, some jewellry findings and a couple of dresses.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

odds and sods...

Why is it that I seem to go through socks like my feet are secreting acid? I promise I don't have claws for toenails!

If you hadn't gathered by the above that it's decluttering time again, here it is. First is a bra, not pictured. The underwire went, digging into a very painful place.

Socks! Bin bound

A pig stamp. Came in a big box of stamps but i have no use for it so it's going to charity

Leftovers from the Disney stitch. No use for them now so in the bin they go.
More socks!!!

A spool of ribbon. Bought this to make some christmas presents a couple of years ago but there is loads left and I don't need it so charity shop.

A flower die. This came free with a magazine but I have plenty, so charity shop.

I've also made a few things this week. I have been stitching, but forgot to take some pics and it's too bloody dark now, so you'll have to wait till next time.

A birthday card for a marine biologist. I kept this simple, using G45 papers, with a blue paper to back some of it with. The bubbles have glossy accents on them to give them the illusion of water.

A simple geometric necklace using items from the last Beadhaul box. I must admit, as much as I loved this box, I am having trouble coming up with ideas.

I got some Tim Holtz corked domes and ring pulls the other day, cos this idea got stuck in my head. They're selling something similar in Asda at the moment - a big dome with a ceramic skull with ceramic butterflies on it, all in white. So I glued the a ring pull onto the dome in order to make it a necklace. I then glued a skull to the cork, punched out some butterflies, sprayed them with Lindy's sprays and added a little bit of black before glueing them onto the skull. I then put the dome on top, glueing the cork so it stayed attached. Finally I added a letter and an eyepin with some beads and a dragonfly charm. I like this because it is unusual, but then I myself am strange and unusual...

On that note!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

....and now for the big finish!

Hey all (who read this anyway). I don't know if anybody has been wondering about my progress novel wise at the present time, but I thought I would mention it. I've been feeling a little lacklustre lately, which has been reflected in my writing (or lack thereof) It's easy to lose faith in yourself, and oh so hard to get it back sometimes. Anyway, I digress.

First thing, let's get the decluttering out of the way. Here is the other half of what was my Funko collection.

Admittedly I was a little naughty, buying myself a few new items.

How cool are these! Limited edition, and both working items, not just decorative (the pendulum even swings on Cogsworth) Perfect to go with my completed cross stitch. They actually arrived the day I completed it. Kismet.

That's right, another resolution completed. This has taken me about a year (not solid because of the two months off in between) but it has really been worth it. I will admit there are some negatives about this stitch. The thread tangles a little too easily but the main issue I have is with the pattern itself. The french knot colour shades did not match the colours on the colour key chart, and having some of the codes in black made them really hard to find, not to mention the fact that some of the french knots were on the edge of a page, making them really easy to overlook.

I've had a bit of trouble inspiration wise regarding the latest Beadhaul box (so not just with the writing, sometimes when you are depressed it hits that creative side of you) , but I have managed to use two of the acrylic circles with some beads in my stash to make a couple of elasticated bracelets.

I will be cutting the edges off once the knots have dried.

Finally, I made a tag using the G45 voyage beyond the sea papers.

I decided to play it simple for this tag, letting the papers speak for themselves as it were. I used paper to back the whole tag, then cut some gears out of cardboard, embossing them with Lindy's Stamp Gang embossing powder and some distress embossing powder in a similar colour. I then cut out a phrase, a man on a fish (love the man on the fish) and mermaid, as well as a smaller phrase. After attaching them with foam pads I added a few flowers that had been sprayed with a few different colours and edged with bronze ink.

Anyway, week off soon and I'm going to plan the week out so I start being productive again. I have kept to the no zero days since I read about it, but sometimes I feel like what I am doing is never going to be enough. Not quantitatively, or qualitatively. We shall see.