Sunday, 25 September 2016

A couple of tags...

Sundays seem to be a good day for updating the old blog. It gives me a chance to sum up what I've decluttered for the week, show you what I have made, and get everything fresh for the new week. So, with that in mind, here are this weeks updates.Decluttering first.

Can of Batiste. To be honest this doesn't seem to do anything to my hair. Used up anyway so bin.

Soap and Glory spray. The day I run out of Soap and Glory stuff is the day the world will end. Used up so bin.

Here's me thinking £9 for a pair of work trousers is a bargain. The zip split, then the seams did. Bin.

Pair of brogues. Got these as a birthday present. Unfortunately the soles have come away from the rest of the shoe so I've got a kind of Flinstone thing going on when I walk. Bin.
 A Macy's tote bag. First foreign holiday, ended up buying stuff everywhere I went almost as proof that I'd been to these famous places. Don't need it now so it's going to charity.

Pair of Jane Norman shoes with a chain on the back. I've got similar looking shoes that are more 'thirty something' and less 'twenty something' so they've gone to the charity shop. 
Pair of Dorothy Perkins shoes. Same thing as above so they've gone to the charity shop.

Finally finished another page of my Middle Earth stitch.

I can see the beginning of a map! You can see mountains on the side (Mountains Gandalf)

Finally I've been making a couple of tags this week. I'm actually loving the small tags, which surprises me cos I was disappointed with the size when I first got them.

This is the first one. Simple thing really. Start with a tag, add texture paste through a heart stencil, then add lots of ephemera. Lace is on the bottom, then there are some beads, a paint brush, keyhole, some flowers, a metal bird, mask, a peg and some other stuff. The branch is actually some beads on a wire that I twisted round. When that's done paint the whole thing with white gesso, then get the Lindy's sprays out! One thing you have to remember is to dry one spray before you spray again, as otherwise you get a muddy colour.

The second one was painted black, then I mixed some magicals with embossing paste, and put that through a stencil. When that was dry I die cut an alarm clock from cardboard. One thing to note - the Movers and Shapers dies do not work with the cutting pads you get with a Sizzix big shot. You are supposed to buy additional things for it. Or, you could do what I did - fold a magazine in half, then stick that below the bottom cutting pad. Then put the cardboard and the die on top, and finally the top cutting pad. Easy as pie, and no forking out for an extra cutting pad. The alarm clock is embossed with Lindy's embossing powder. I then stamped a balloon stamp on white card, and two patterned cards, and cut them out. Some balloons were attached with foam pads to give it a more dimensional quality. Finally I added a Time Flies sentiment from the Steampunk Spells G45 set.

So that's this week. Next week will be stitching related as I have a few days to work on the Middle Earth stitch before I go back to the Disney stitch and have to learn the dreaded French knot.

Until next time rat fans

Saturday, 17 September 2016

A mind is a strange place...

Well my mind is anyway, going by what I have made this week. Now that I've finished the first draft of The Ghost Lights I've had more time to concentrate on my papercraft. I'm still a little bit off my game with the stitching at the moment, but it happens sometimes. With any luck I'll at least finish this page before I'm back to the Disney stitch.

Anyway, first thing's first. Decluttering. Here are this week's items.

A Ghost Moonlight perfume sampler. It was alright, but not one I'd buy. To be honest I prefer samplers in a spray bottle because it's too easy to tip the contents out completely. Bin.

A mini Disney tree tube. You'll see from the second photo what colour it originally was. For some reason spending time in the window has made it go all Steamboat Willy. Don't need it, so bin.

A Hogwarts seal and stamp kit. Got this in Florida, never used it. It's being regifted.

Same thing here, but it's a Hogwarts briefcase with stationary and envelopes inside. Regifted.

Washi tape. This was a gift from a friend but it's not my style, so it's going to charity.

A 2000 Disney plush toy (Donald is the new year, Goofy is father time etc) When I went to Disney the second time I made goody bags for everyone, including myself, and this is the plush figure I bought. It's time it went to a charity shop.

An Oz figure. Interesting thing about this is it's in a Giles box. Sealed inside so it's a factory error. Given this to my brother.

Now onto the makes!

First thing I made was an altered notebook. I learned from the last one. I started it off by painting in white gesso, then added tissue paper. When that was all dried I used peeled paint ink and a stencil to add colour to the outside, then used texture paste with a flower stencil. When that was dry, I painted it with yellow mica powder. I stamped a collage image onto card a few times, vintage inked the first one, then cut out select pieces and inked them, using foam pads to give it a dimensional look. Finally I cut out some tiny tattered florals (found out my card is too thick for the quilling tool so rolled them by hand) and some leaves, and added a word circle (not sure what they're actually called!)

Jewellry next.

 A pair of earrings, using the last of the green beads, a couple of watermelon slices, and a couple of leaves.

Earrings, with large square beads and a pineapple. They go with the necklace below, which also has the turtle attached.

A pair of earring pins, taken directly from the tutorial on Crafty Creatives.
Finally, I glued two flowers together, and used a facet with Steampunk Spells paper, to make a keyring.

Next, a tag. I started off by inking a tag with various colours, then added versamark through the shattered stencil, and added clear embossing powder. I heated that then used a darker ink in the cracks to highlight the spiders web. I got some ephemera, inked them, and put them on the tag, as well as some grungeboard pieces. The oval was sprayed, the key brushed with mica powder, the skull inked with black soot and the crown embossed. I sprayed a ribbon with lime spray, and stencilled 31 on the tag, adding distress embossing powder.

Finally, my favourite make of the week! I got a Lindy's stamp gang set this week from Create and Craft, after getting a voucher for £10 off. The set was Industrial Chic, and had sprays, magicals (like mica powder) and embossing powder. I'm already obsessed with these, and have more on my wishlist.

I had a little metal circle, once part of a clock, and really wanted to do something off beat with it. I started off by using texture paste through a stencil on the sides, adding some little beads, and painting with white gesso. I then used a micture of sprays and magicals to get the colour I wanted. I cut a cardboard circle to fit the back, and covered it with paper from G45 Voyage beneath the sea. I fussy cut a diver, some fish and a couple of star fish to use, then sprayed some paper with the Industrial chic sprays and used a greenery die and the bubble die from the Mixed Media thinlit die. I also noticed when I was making the notebook the other day that some of the flowers make perfect seaweed blooms, so did some of them too. On the circle I put the diver, some seaweed, and some fish. I also added some bubbles, which were the little bits from the bubble die that I added glossy accents to. I glued some seaweed, and some little shells I got from the Isle of Wight on the inside, then on the outside I added the biggest seaweed bloom, the bubble paper, the greenery, a couple more fish and the starfish. Finally I used some embossing powder on two wooden pieces (a sand dollar and another flower) and added them to the bubble paper. 

I love this! Possibly the best piece I've made, at least for a long time.

Hope you've enjoyed today's post, and maybe it'll inspire you to do some crafting of your own.
Happy crafting!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

I can't feel my hands....

I'm reminded now, as I look at my hands, of Penny in TBBT as she attempts to make jewellry, and ends up with nothing but glue on her hands. This is what my hands look like right now, as if each finger has grown a sticky little coat. Shows I've been busy though!

Start off as always with the declutter. Here are this weeks items.

An old insurance policy. Definitely not needed any more so it's gone in the bin.

My university lecture print outs. I have to admit, this one was hard. It was finally admitting to myself that that part of my life was over. Still, I ended up screwing up my courage and throwing them away. 

A perfume sampler. Didn't really like this one, I think it's aimed at teens. Bin.

A Sherlock Holmes museum pen set. I got this when I went to London and I'm ashamed to say I've never used it. I'm giving it to a charity shop where hopefully it will catch the eye of a fledgling writer.

An embossing folder. Came free with a magazine but it's not the type that I use so it's going to charity.

A flower die. I tried using this but I'm kack handed. Got the Tim Holtz spiral ones instead now so charity shop.

A Flower Bigz die. I actually got this for free when I had to go back to Hobbycraft when my Big Shot had pieces missing. It hasn't been used much, and I have better ones, so it's going to a charity shop.

Next, onto the crafts. I won't post my stitching progress as there hasn't been much.

This is what I was saying about mixing and matching Beadhaul boxes. The coconut beads are from the last one but the skulls are from a previous one (Lady Fury I think) and so are the black beads. Simple necklace and bracelet, perfect for guys. 

Two bracelets, using lobster clasps, green shell beads, and flowers. I started by stringing a large bead onto wire, then putting both ends through the flower, so it was at the centre of the bracelet, before threading the green beads on, and finishing with a lobster clasp. 

A pair of charm bracelets now. I used some spare chain I had, the fish connector bead, a head pin with some arrow head beads on it cos I thought they looked like scales, then the conch shell, seahorse and palm tree added as charms.

Finally, and the reason I'm all gluey, I've made my christmas cards. I decided to go all elegant this year, and use some stuff I've not used before. I started off by embossing trees onto the left hand side of the card, then a sentiment embossing folder on the right. Then I added a strip of paper between the two, and made some fancy bows to add to the strip. Simple but effective (took hours though!)

So that's this week's crafts. There will hopefully be more next week as I'm on holiday, so free to stitch/craft as much as my heart desires. Already got more ideas for jewellry.
Happy crafting